Exemplary Student Projects

    2017 Top 3

    Turn Schoolgrounds into Public Utilities

    In China, when the schools close, so do their facilities, leaving most without an area to play sports or do activities. This team saw no reason for this to continue, and persuaded their school leaders to allow them to make a change. Creating a WeChat subscription account to allow people to make reservations on campus, their classmates were soon able to avail of their school facilities after normal school hours. Their solution was so popular in fact, that they have already begun branching into other schools around China.

    2017 Top 3

    4 Minutes for Rescue


    4 minutes. This is the necessary response time when performing CPR, a standard which China falls well short of. Recognizing the severity of this problem, this team promoted CPR in local schools and more with lectures and information sessions. It is quite possible that the information provided by these students may have even saved somebody's life! This team is currently working hard to utlize more experts and institutions to improve the quality of the information and expand their reach.

    2017 Top 3

    Preserving a community

    People can forget that every community possesses a unique charm that is innately tied to a distinct history of their area, and that these charms deserve to be protected. In order to provide a tangible product of their communities’ own history, they consulted the elderly people from their town and constructed an oral history of their community as a comic book, so that more young people could begin to understand what was special about their home. They are currently working on the second iteration of this local history, and plan to use their new resources to add plenty of cool new stories!

    2016 Top 3

    Trading compost for vegetables

    This team discovered that although household composting could be effective, residents lack the knowledge and enthusiasm to execute this recycling model effectively. As a result, the team decided to incentivize the use of compost barrels in the community by having organic farms regularly collect the compost to use as organic fertilizer. Participating families then received free organic vegetables from the farms, thus forming an effective win-win recycling model. This solution was effective enough that it continues to operate to this day.

    2016 Top 3

    Breaking through

    social barriers

    School can be a lonely place at times, and social problems and challenges can present quite often. Recognising this, this team decided to create a new in-school social system that can combat issues of loneliness. With funding from their schools and MOMENTUM, the team will be able to develop a suite of tools for new students in their schools, as well as three other international schools in Shanghai.

    2016 Top 3

    Saying NO to disposable

    paper cups

    Having learned about the environmental threat posed by disposable paper cups, this team tried to raise public awareness on the issue and find an alternative to paper cups. Inspired by Starbucks' policy of offering discounts to customers who bring their own reusable cups, the team established contact with local coffee shops and promoted the discount-for-your-own-cups campaign. Their current focus is on increasing participation in their coffee initiative by working with more and more local cafes and restaurants.