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    One Education strives to bring together the best educational practices and innovative ideas to promote leadership skills and social responsibility in middle school and high school students. Guided by the principle of 'one can make a difference', our programs aim to cultivate charismatic, socially responsible and proactive youths and enable them to create a better society. Our programs have impacted over 1600 students and some of the top schools in China.








    Harvard Business Review China

    Harvard Business Review was founded in 1922, as the signature journal of Harvard Business School, with a mission to improve business management practices. Currently HBR publishes in 10 languages and 11 editions. HBR entered the Chinese market in 2002, and SEEC became the latest global partner in July 2012, promoting both the cutting-edge, and classic business management concepts across all mainstream media platforms, including magazines, books, APP, social media, conferences, video and think tanks. As Einstein studied the universe with one piece of chalk; HBR defines modern business management practice within one magazine.

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    A trend-setter of social innovation in China, BottleDream is a media platform connecting young change-makers by telling stories and inspiring everyone to be a change-maker through broadcasting, promoting, and supporting action.

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    The Minerva Schools at KGI is re-imagining top-tier higher education to provide a uniquely global, rigorous and accessible undergraduate experience for the world's brightest, most motivated students. Students will learn from accomplished professors and impressive peers in small active learning seminars, using cutting-edge technology and decades of research into the science of learning to improve student outcomes.

  • Topic Partners

    Laotu Culture

    A social enterprise born in the University of Chicago

    Transforbox Technology

    The transformers of delivery boxes

    The First Sound

    Founded by the China Women's development foundation

    1KG Box

    Award Nominee by the 2016 WISE Education Innovation Forum

    HuiLing Service Center for People with Intellectual Disabilities

    (Beijing, Chongqing)

    Dedicated to serving the mentally disabled for 27 years

    Peer Experience Exchange Rostrum

    Liberal arts education for 10,000 rural students