• Participating in the competition

    Question 1: What is the process of the competition?

    The competition is divided into three rounds. In the preliminary round, participants complete a research report on a social issue. In the semifinal round, participants create a solution proposal. In the final round, participants demonstrate the outcome of implementing the solution and participate in a 2.5-day offline event in Beijing. During each round, we offer online courses and consultation to help participants complete the task.

    Question 2: Can I sign up even if I don't have a project idea yet?

    Yes! MOMENTUM believes in "Learning by Doing" and provides participants with a set of comprehensive and fun online course to help you refine your ideas and design your project. Even when starting from zero, you can also get surprising results!

    Question 3: Can I sign up if I don't have a team?

    MOMENTUM requires team sign-up. Each team should have 2-8 members. You can also contact us to join a wechat group where we can help you connect with other students looking for teammates.

    Question 4: Can I participate with a previous project that I have done?

    Yes. As each round of the MOMENTUM competition has specific requirements, you may need to make adjustments to your project as required.

    Question 5: How much time do I need to invest in the project?

    In each round, you need to spend 2 hours doing an online course (you can arrange your own learning schedule - you do not need to be online at a specific time or date). In addition, in each stage you need about 15-20 hours to complete the related tasks. If you would like additional help, you can participate in MOMENTUM's online workshops or Q&A sessions.

    Question 6: Can middle school students participate?

    Our competition is open to high school students in principle, but middle school students can participate if they wish to. However, these students should be aware that they will compete with high school students.

    Question 7: Can the tasks be completed in English? Can foreign students participate?

    Yes. This is a bi-lingual competition. We suggest you choose the language you are more comfortable with.

    Question 8: Can college students participate?

    Unfortunately the competition is not open to college students. If you are a college student and would like to be a volunteer, please submit your CV to hi@jointhemomentum.org.

    Question 9: Does the whole competition take place online?

    You will receive all instructions, courses and other information online for the first two rounds. The final round takes place offline in Beijing.

    Question 10: Does MOMENTUM provide funding for our projects?

    MOMENTUM does not provide funding for participating projects. However, we do offer 5,000 RMB as seed funding for each of the top 3 winners of the final round.

    Question 11: Does each team need a mentor?

    Yes. While we provide a wealth of online courses and expert guidance, it will be beneficial if the team has its own mentor and can receive tailor-made feedback.

    Question 12: After the preliminary round, can my team change the project theme?

    If you want to change the theme, please contact the Organizing Committee by email. Since this is a big change, we are more than happy to offer recommendations to help you better complete the conversion.

    Question 13: When should I start preparing for the competition?

    The registration opens on Feb 20, and you can begin preparations at this time. Do not wait until the last days before the deadline - the sooner you start the more advantage you will have.

    Question 14: When is the deadline for registration?

    If you pick your own social issue, the deadline is Apr 15.

    If you decide to join a design challenge, the deadline is Mar 25.

    Since you need time to complete online courses and tasks, it is best to register as early as you can. We highlight that if you do not have any ideas for the project, the sooner you start the better; if you already have some ideas, you should still reserve two weeks before the deadline to complete the courses and tasks.

    Question 15: How do I know if I have entered the next round?

    We will inform you by e-mail the results of each round. An announcement will also be made through MOMENTUM's wechat official account.

    Question 16: Can we replace team members after we complete the registration?

    Yes. Make sure you notify us via email in a timely manner.

    Question 17: If we are selected to the finals, how many team members should be present at the finals?

    You can have up to 3 members present at the finals to represent your team. Other team members can purchase audience tickets to take part in certain activities in the finals.

    Question 18: What is MOMENTUM's selection criteria?

    Participants' sense of social responsibility:
    Demonstrate a deep understanding of social issues through participation | Show enthusiasm to solve social problems | Demonstrate awareness of an individual's responsibility as a citizen
    Participants' leadership:
    The ability to tap into real social problems | Project execution | The ability to analyze and address specific social issues
    Participants' ability to learn and innovate:
    The mentality and ability to take the initiative to learn | Evaluate existing solutions for specific social problems and make constructive inputs | Integrate distinct information and propose innovative and workable solutions

    Question 19: Does our score from the preliminary round affect the results of the finals?

    No. We hope the teams improve their project during the process, and the end results depends only on the performance during the finals . Of course, the preliminary results will determine whether you can enter the semi-finals.

    Question 20: Can parents, teachers, and other team members present at the finals, other than our team representatives who compete in the finals?

    Yes. We will provide entrance tickets to certain parts of the finals and we will notify you when the tickets become available.

    Question 21: Should I be prepared to pay extra fees, other than the registration fee?

    If you are selected into the finals, you should pay for the meals and accommodation during the finals. Other than this, if you add new members to the team at any time during the competition, the new members should pay the registration fee. If a member drops out, the registration fee is not refundable. If you wish to replace a team member, the new member does not need to pay the registration fee again.