When is the deadline for registration?

    Submission for preliminary round entries is April 30th. Due to the necessity of taking part in the online course and the preparation of materials in advance of the semi-final round, we recommend that you aim to start as soon as possible. This is particularly true if you have not formed a project idea already. Should you have an established project idea, you will still need at least 2 weeks to get materials ready before the next round.

    What does "rolling-based" mean?

    Our preliminary round uses a “rolling” selection process, which means the earlier you register and complete the preliminary round, the earlier you will be able to start the semi-finals should you get in. Therefore, we strongly suggest you to start preliminary round as early as possible.

    How would "rolling-based" affect us?

    1. Submit your materials as soon as you have them prepared and you will be informed within 2 weeks if you have been selected to proceed into the semi-finals. The faster you submit, the more time you will have to work on the second round phase of your project.
    2. If you would like to participate in one of our design challenges, you need to complete the application as soon as possible. There are limited seats available for the Design Challenges, so first come, first served. Click here to learn more about these design challenges.

    Can I sign up even if I don't have a project idea yet?

    Yes! MOMENTUM believes in "Learning by Doing" and provides participants with a set of comprehensive and fun online course to help you refine your ideas and design your project. Even when starting from zero, you can also get surprising results!

    Can I sign up if I don't have a team?

    MOMENTUM requires team sign-up. Each team should have 2-8 members. You can also contact us to join a wechat group where we can help you connect with other students looking for teammates.

    Can I participate with a previous project that I have done?

    Yes. As each round of the MOMENTUM competition has specific requirements, you may need to make adjustments to your project as required.

    Can college students participate?

    Unfortunately the competition is not open to college students. If you are a college student and would like to be a volunteer, please submit your CV to hi@jointhemomentum.org.

    Does each team need a coach? What do coaches need to do? What kind of support they can get from MOMENTUM?

    Yes. While we provide a wealth of online courses and expert guidance, it will be beneficial if the team has its own coach and can receive tailor-made feedback. MOMENTUM is also a learning journey for educators since we'll provide coaches online training as well.


    What is the process of the competition?

    1. Fill in the registration form and if payment is successful, you will receive a registration confirmation and a preliminary notice email.
    2. According to the e-mail's instructions, join the online community of MOMENTUM social innovation competition (including: material downloads, online courses, seminars, Q&As, forums, etc.).
    3. If you choose to independently select a topic, download the Preliminary Round Report Template in the online community to start the preliminary round.
    4. If you choose a design challenge, the organizing committee will assess your application in co-ordination with the topic partner. Following interview, you will find out whether or not your application has been successful. Should you not be selected for a design challenge, you should apply for another design challenge OR independently select a topic, the steps of which can be found above.
    5. After completing the preliminary stages and submitting the relevant materials, the organizing committee will inform you within two weeks if you have been selected to proceed into the semi-finals.
    6. In the online community, download the Semi-final Round Report Templates and submit the materials as described.
    7. The finalists will be announced on July 15th.
    8 . Following the final submission, you will receive an invitation to attend the in-person final event in Beijing from August 17th-19th.

    What is MOMENTUM's selection criteria?

    Participants' sense of social responsibility:
    Demonstrate a deep understanding of social issues through participation | Show enthusiasm to solve social problems | Demonstrate awareness of an individual's responsibility as a citizen
    Participants' leadership:
    The ability to tap into real social problems | Project execution | The ability to analyze and address specific social issues
    Participants' ability to learn and innovate:
    The mentality and ability to take the initiative to learn | Evaluate existing solutions for specific social problems and offer constructive input | Integrate distinct information and propose innovative and workable solutions

    What kind of support can I get during the competition?

    Our online courses are custom made for students in such a way that it will be both easy to watch while being as informative as possible. Through our courses, you will become relative experts in project design, project implementation and many other skills which are necessary for creating a social innovation project.

    We host Q&A sessions which provide you with an opportunity to air out any issues you have been encountering throughout your project. Our One Education staff are passionate and committed to your success, and put every effort into making your
    projects successful.
    You will also receive 1 on 1 guidance from industry experts to help you through the semi-finals and to maximize your performance. These experts have conquered the professional world and have a wealth of relevant knowledge, pertaining to overall project logistics, particular industries and much more. Exposure to these people is rare and an opportunity you won’t find anywhere else.
    We will also be providing special online workshops, designed to supplement the content of the MOMENTUM curriculum. These workshops will be provided according to the phases of the competition and will be provided by innovative educators.

    How much time do I need to invest in the project?

    In each round, you need to spend 2 hours doing an online course (you can arrange your own learning schedule - you do not need to be online at a specific time or date). In addition, in each stage you need about 15-20 hours to complete the related tasks. If you would like additional help, you can participate in MOMENTUM's online workshops or Q&A sessions.

    When should I start preparing for the competition?

    The registration opens in Jan, and you can begin preparations at this time. Do not wait until the last days before the deadline - the sooner you start the more advantage you will have.

    Are middle school students going to compete with high school students?

    Yes. Based on past experience, we found that junior high school students are fully capable of making social innovation projects that are not inferior to high school students. As long as you actively use all the resources provided by the organizing committee, age, experience, etc. are not a problem! Looking forward to your project!

    Can the tasks be completed in English? Can foreign students participate?

    Yes. This is a bi-lingual competition. We suggest you choose the language you are more comfortable with. Visit our Chinese website if you'd like to use Chinese.

    Does the whole competition take place online?

    You will receive all instructions, courses and other information online for the first two rounds. The final round takes place offline in Beijing.

    Does MOMENTUM provide funding for our projects?

    MOMENTUM does not provide funding for participating projects. However, we do offer 5,000 RMB as seed funding for each of the top 3 winners of the final round.

    How do I know if I have entered the next round?

    We will inform you by e-mail the results of each round. A notice will also be made through our online community and MOMENTUM's Wechat official account.

    After the preliminary round, can my team change the project theme?

    If you want to change the theme, please contact the Organizing Committee by email. Since this is a big change, we are more than happy to offer recommendations to help you better complete the conversion.

    Does our score from the preliminary round affect the results of the finals?

    The preliminary results will determine whether you can enter the semi-finals. End results depends on the performance during the finals. Teams can improve their project during the process.

    Can we replace team members after we complete the registration?

    Yes. Make sure you notify us via email in a timely manner.

    If we are selected to the finals, how many team members should be present at the finals?

    You can have up to 3 members present at the finals to represent your team. Other team members can purchase audience tickets to take part in certain activities in the finals.

    Can parents, teachers, and other team members present at the finals, other than our team representatives who compete in the finals?

    Yes. We will provide entrance tickets to certain parts of the finals and we will notify you when the tickets become available.

  • FEES

    How much is the registration fee?

    900 RMB/person, all participating team members must pay. Coaches do not need to pay. As long as payments are successful, all team members may watch all the online courses, regardless of whether or not they progress into the next round. You may also participate in online lectures and other forms of interaction.

    Should I be prepared to pay extra fees, other than the registration fee?

    If you are selected into the finals, you should pay for the meals and accommodation during the finals.

    Other than this, if you add new members to the team at any time during the competition, the new members should pay the registration fee. If you wish to replace a team member, the new member does not need to pay the registration fee again.

    Fees might be needed for some of our design challenges. Click to know more.

    If I quit, can I get a refund?

    If a member drops out, the registration fee is not refundable. However, if you wish to replace a team member, the new member does not need to pay the registration fee again.


    Why should I take these courses?

    Want to be innovative? Trying to get a project off the ground? Initiating positive change within society?
    MOMEMTUM's online courses can help with all of the above. MOMENTUM's online courses are designed specifically for the development of social innovation projects, helping you to quickly understand the essence of social innovation, project design, and project operations. Through these courses, you can learn to do in-depth analyses of social problems and design solutions. These online courses not only help you with your project, but also familiarize you with the concepts of "social innovation" and "design thinking" from Stanford University.

    What is the content of the courses?

    Preliminary round
    01 Introduction to Social Innovation | 02 Project Topic Selection

    03 Introduction to Design Thinking | 04 Project Research | 05 User Insight
    Semi-Final round
    06 Innovative Solutions | 07 Prototyping and Testing | 08 Project Planning and Implementation

    Final round
    09 Impact Assessment | 10 Storytelling

    How do I take these courses?

    Step 1. Registration and successful payment;
    Step 2. Receive Confirmation of Registration, including the Instructions for Joining Online Community and the Online Community Invitation Code;
    Step 3. Go to the "Magnet (Cichang)" APP, and join the community;
    Step 4. Watch the online courses in our online community, get guidance, and start innovation journey.

    How long does it take to finish these courses?

    For each round of the competition you need 2 hours for the courses.

    Would it affect my performance if I do not take the courses?

    Yes. The tasks of the competition are directly related to the content of the online course. Although we will not check whether you actually complete the course, taking the courses will greatly improve the quality of your project.

    Do all team members have to take the courses?

    It is recommended that all of your team members take the courses, since they offer great insights into social innovation and project management. However, if time is scarce for you, you can divide the courses between the team members and have each of them study particular sessions.

    If I couldn't make it into semi-final or finals, can I still take these courses?

    As long as the application and payment is successful, you may continue to take the course no matter the faith of your efforts. MOMENTUM is not only a competition but also a learning journey. We hope that more students can create social innovation projects with the support and mentorship provided through MOMENTUM and gain personal growth while solving social problems.

    When will these online courses be taken offline? Can I download them?

    Courses can not be downloaded, but you can watch them online; the course being valid until August 31, 2018.