MOMENTUM, organized by One Education, is an education initiative that promotes the growth of middle school and high school students into socially conscious and innovative leaders.


    You can make a difference in the world!


    Social Innovation

    Social innovation = Using innovative strategies and approaches to soive social problems



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    Middle School & High School Students

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    Social Innovation

    Social Innovation = the practice of the use of creative ideas and methods to tackle persistent social problems, helping to promote a civil society

    How can I be

    a social innovator?

    Using the concept of design thinking and project-based learning, MOMENTUM helps you learn how to tackle social problems through concrete actions.

    In the process, you will develop leadership skills, creativity and a better understanding of social issues.

  • You Will Get...

    Once in a life time opportunity


    Real Impact

    With most competitions, after the finals, the experience is over. At MOMENTUM, the ending is just another beginning.
    Following MOMENTUM, you will possess the knowledge and skill to implement innovative solutions to real problems within your local environment.
    Furthermore, all contestants will also be provided with the opportunity to enter our incubator. Social innovation projects like yours can go on to become genuine companies, NGOs and so on, and even if not, they are sure to bolster a university admission application.

    Genuine Interaction

    with Experts

    Past judges have included:
    Harvard University professors, Northwestern University experts, Duke University admissions interviewers, US Embassy officials, Columbia University experts, social innovation leaders, executives of multinational corporations, public welfare agencies, management consulting firm executives.

    Any of these could end up being your personal mentor and providing you with at least 6 hours of mentoring. Networking with these elite professionals can produce wonderful inspiration, and even personal references and other opportunities.

    Tackle Issues

    Faced by Organizations

    Independently select your own social issue, or you can participate in one of our partners' design challenges, where you are challenged to help them resolve a social issue that they as an organisation are facing. MOMENTUM partner organisations include foundations, non-profits, education innovation organisations, social Innovation organisations, some of which are included within the worlds top 500 and are international corporations. If you can solve these kinds of issues, nobodies going to care what age you are, you're already a superstar.


    All Kinds of Support

    10 custom-designed courses
    Online lectures for every stage of the competition
    1 on 1 Q&A sessions
    At least 6 hours elite mentor session
    And for the finalists...
    An extravaganza with constant focus on you
    Coverage from large media outlets
    Dedicated networking opportunities with elite experts
    Friends & memories that will last a lifetime
    The chance to earn funding and a place in a professional incubator



    With international students, students from every province in China, students from both urban and rural backgrounds, and everything in between, no other school experience can connect you with new and unique kinds of people like MOMENTUM can. You will hear stories you will never forget, make friends from places you have never been, and together you will form memories that will truly last a lifetime.



    The end is just the beginning. Following MOMENTUM, we can hook you up with some great opportunities through our network of organisations. Earn internships with professional organisations, major corporations and even government departments, or even shadow some of their top employees. While others wait until they graduate from university, you can start your career today!


    2018 MOMENTUM Topic Areas


    2018 MOMENTUM Development Advisor:

    United Nations Development Programme

    Become a True Global Citizen &

    Join UNDP's Design Challenges



    UNDP will provide guidance on the SDG-related content for the MOMENTUM competition. These materials cannot be used for profit-making purposes.

  • Organizer

    One Education


    One Education strives to bring together the best educational practices and innovative ideas to promote leadership skills and social responsibility in middle school and high school students. Guided by the principle of 'one can make a difference', our programs aim to cultivate charismatic, socially responsible and proactive youths and enable them to create a better society. Our programs have impacted over 2,700 students and some of the top schools in China.